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So we left Cusco, we had to get a bus to another bus, within minutes of sitting on the second bus I fell asleep because of my eye, it wasn't the comfiest of sleeps, being on a bus and all. I also felt a bit sick. After 8 hours we arrived in a place where we were going to have breakfast, my eye felt a little better.

We had a boat tour on Lake Titikaka, I can't say I was looking forward to this because my stomach really didnt feel right and my eye still hurt. So pleased I pushed through and did it. So interesting, there's around about 80 floating islands that people live on. Man made irelands made of vine leaves. You can swim under them to the other side. We got off the boat and went onto one. It's really strange walking on it. It doesn't seem possible, what's even weirder is that they now have electric there- tvs etc! We had a look in one of the huts where they sleep, again its very basic, the bed is on the floor and the clothes are just hanging on the side, no living room or kitchen. I imagine each island share the living area. There's about 5 families on each island and one leader. We then went on one of the original lake Titikaka boats and went around the island. I didn't like the tour guide on this trip, he was very abrupt and rude, not like Magical Mark haha!

We then got back on the bus and headed towards the border. Now we had to get off the bus and walk over the border, everything was such an effort. My bag was sooooooo heavy. I couldn't work out if it was because of how I had packed it or because I was feeling so rough. I really wanted to just leave it. We go through passport control (who were the moodiest cunts ever) and we're finally in Bolivia, we now had to jump on another bus. By this point I well and truely had the shits! Happy days, got the shits on and a hot stinky bus.

Mariana told the new tour guide I was unwell, she blamed the altitude, I knew it wasn't the altitude. It was unlikely considering I had been at a high altitude for about 8 days now.

We got to Copacabana where everyone went for lunch and had a tour, neither Mariana or I wanted to do either. I just wanted to be home, in my bed with a cup of tea and cuddling tommy. I was missing everyone so much, I hadn't had wifi in 5 days so wasn't even able to message Tommy, mum, dad or Kate. I was so close to tears but I held it. I left my bag with Mariana who was sat in a bar ordering food (i couldn't think of anything worse) and wondered to cash point to get some Bolivianos out, where we were heading to - the island of the sun, there's no cash point. I then went to the pharmacy and got something for my tummy. I got back to Mariana and asked the barman where the toilet was, he had ago at me for not asking in Spanish. I was either going to throw up on him or shit myself on his floor, so it was in his interest to just tell me. I was really disliking Bolivia right now.

After this we got on the boat to head to the island of the sun, I was now chundering, it was horrible. I had to sit on the boat for an hour and a half. Mariana came outside to check on me, she then spoke to the captain and sorted out our accommodation, I couldn't even think about that! Thanks fuck for Mariana I thought.

Off the boat we went where porters were going to come and help us with our bags. I can see why this service was offered, there's thousands of steps to anywhere on the island. We got to the hostel, it felt like forever getting there. I just wanted to lay down, Mariana was really annoyed at the people from the hostel. There were 2 girls that decided to stay where we were because the place they had booked was at the north of the island and we were at the south. The guys at the hostel had given our room to them, so we got a different one that was more expensive. I didn't give a shit because I wasn't well but Mariana was really upset by it. She was arguing with the guys in Spanish and then started crying. I had no idea what was going on, I just wanted to throw up and lay down. All was fine in the end, we got a discount and Mariana was happy.

The reason we went to this island was for the sunrise and sunset, it's meant tot be incredible, someone said it was better than Machu Pichu. We had an hour before sunset, I just wanted to lay down and shower, an hour didn't feel long enough. Anyways, a quick sleep, a freezing cold shower and off we went to walk to the top and see the sun set. The island was beautiful, I would probably say not worth the hassle but I may have felt different if I were fitting fit. I was very slow at walking but eventually got to the top, it was stunning, and freezing. We then went for dinner, where I had half a mouthful of food. We sat with another lady, I had to excuse my rude behaviour (I didnt want to talk much and she clearly did haha) I just explained I wasnt feeling too good.

They had wifi here but you had to pay, I didn't care just wanted to speak to my family. I asked for the wifi code but never got it. The service was so bad and I felt so unwell that I just wanted to leave.

Mariana and I said we would stop somewhere for coca tea if we see anywhere 5 nice. I was so excited for bed! We started heading back down, a puppy followed us and the a guy tagged on with us because his torch was crap and there were no streetlamps. He asked if he could tag along and have dinner whilst we were having tea. We went into a little place and ordered our tea. I was having a bad turn and the thought of this guys fish coming out was making my tummy go. I felt like such a broken person, one dodgy, bloodshot, sore eye and a very dodgy tummy. I was feeling pathetic and sorry for myself.

I made my apologies and said I had to go, Mariana insisted on coming with me. We got back and both piled on more clothes and got into bed. It was freezing, no heater or anything in the hostel. I was missing Pisko and Soul and cusco so much.

Despite the cold, it was nice to be in a bed, we both slept very well. Woke up for sunrise which we were able to see from just outside our room, I was relieved by this. I felt soooooooo much better today.

Still not 100% but a damn lot better than what I had been. We got a boat to the north of the island and walked around for a few hours. It was gorgeous.


Still not worth the hassle I thought but it was stunning...


We then headed back to the south of the island where Mariana had a bad turn and was sick. I think that was more sea sickness. We then got Mother boat back to Copacabana. Then jumped on our bus. Mariana was getting off at Puno and I was carrying on to Arequipa. I was feeling pretty good now...




We got off at Puno for dinner where I still couldn't eat more than a fee mouthfuls, I suppose I do have a pretty big mouth though. Also I was secretly happy I didn't have much of an appetite, maybe there is still a chance I can loose that 3 stone before Nick and Katies wedding!

Mariana and I said our goodbyes, which was really sad! Then back on the bus to Arequipa. We arrived at 5.30am, couldn't check in until midday but i didn't mind so much because I finally had wifi and could message everyone.

Time to relax I thought! :)

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