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The madness of Huacachina!

I arrived in Huacachina, we were later than expected, there was a swimming pool, hammocks and a round bar. It seemed to be a really nice hostel.


Peru hop were trying to warn me and another couple away from staying here because apparently it's unsafe. In the hostal reviews I had read, Peru hop said the same to other people, but it turned out fine. I figure they have had a disagreement or something.

I chucked my bag in the dorm, arranged sand buggying and sandboarding for the following day then propped myself at the bar. I met a Peruvian girl, Kalica and a new Zealand lad. We decided to head out to another bar where one of the staff ended up getting the sack, so we told him to come with us, we moved on and had more beers. This dude we picked up was weird! In one of the bars I befriended the local barmen, they taught me spanish, everything I said they would tell me the Spanish and I would repeat it. They also taught me and the new Zealand dude basic salsa steps, this did not come naturally to either of us. We helped the guys shut up the bar and we all carried on. Ended up in a disco tech and got back to the hostal about 5am. We were completely ruined by this point, no surprise there.

Got up about 8, had breakfast, I did not feel normal! I just chilled out until sandboarding. Had lunch and thought I would have a beer, I managed about half!

Time for sandboarding! I had heard so many stories about broken legs and collarbones, this could get interesting. Maybe I will just sit down, that's what sensible people do, pah. We all got into the buggys and got strapped in. What an absolute fucking blast, my tummy came out of my mouth about a dozen times, I thought the buggy was going to tip a million times, it was so much fun! It really was just like a huge roller coaster,  the driver was really good at building anticipation and excitent. He would slow down just before the peak of the dune and we had no idea how steep each one was going to be the other side, then he would fly down the dune. Ah what a crack! As we were driving around the scenary didn't look real. It was absolutely stunning. I never realised sand could be so stunning. It also looked hard, which just sounds stupid but it did. I didn't understand how the buggy drivers knew where to drive, it was just a shit ton of sand and we had been buggying for a good half hour or so.


Just looking around at the pure serenity of it all. Completely different to the Andes Mountains, still so stunning.


(Me fallen off on first little sand dune, just sitting down)




We then stopped and got out. The hangover had well and truely gone! Time to grab a sandboard, wax it and start boarding. I sat down on the first dune, it was only a little one, I even managed to tumble sitting down. It was really good fun though. It was pretty nerve-wracking in all honesty, everyone got a little nervous haha.

Me falling after just sitting down!


The next dune I thought fuck I will stand up, it was awesomeeeeeeee!!! It's so strange going that speed whilst standing on a board, I've never been snowboarding and never really skateboarder. You really do pick up quite a bit of speed. After doing a few dunes we all jumped back in the buggy, I thought that was it. Nope, the buggy stops and he says there's more, "Get in" I thought, I jumped out the buggy, grabbed a board and walked to where he directed me.

"Holy fuck, shit, bollocks, wank that is fucking steep and it goes on for fucking agggges!!"

There were about 25 of us and of course he suggests I go first. He explains no one should stand on this one, everyone should lay down, so I laid on the board. "Boobs together and legs open" he says, then pushes me down. It was, no shitting you, virtually vertic, you quickly picked up a lot of speed. I held onto the straps of the board so frigging tight. Then the board started swerving up on another sand dune on the right then swerved back down towards the left. It was fucking awesome! Soooooooo much fun!

New Zealand dude, Kalica and moi. Can't remember the dudes name!

We headed back across the dunes, towards the hostel. We all jumped out when we were near the hostel but still on sand dunes. Had a little wonder then headed back to the hostel.

Huacachina is so small, you can walk around it in about 15 minutes.


Thats Huacachina!

During the sandboarding I met a couple of northern English girls, Clare and Fearne. Once I got back to the hostel they were sat at the bar. We got chatting again, I hadn't actually met any British people on my trip so far, it was strangely comforting meeting people from the same country. They were going to see the sun set on the dunes and asked if I wanted to join. So off we went, walking up the sand was hard work. The sunset was ok, company was lovely. The girls were really nice.

We wandered back down to the hostel, had some food and beers. Fearne was chatting to a couple of lads and I was chatting to Clare, she's hilarious, she kept cracking me up. I was adamant I wasn't going to have another messy night. That shortly changed. We had quite a few drinks at the hostal, then pretty much everyone decided to head out, we went to a bar called 'Huaca-fucking-china'. After this I don't really remember much, apart from the fact Fearne was worried about Clare because I think she popped to the shop but was ages, so we walked for ages and there was nothing open but we eventually found her. It's all a bit of a blur. When we got back to the hostal a huge bloke came out and started doing this weird thing to us with leaves, checking our energy and relaxing us. Picking different leaves from trees and rubbing them on our heads and hip bones. Fuck knows, it was all a bit fucking weird. The only thing I know is I got into bed at nearly 6am. So much for a quiet one.

The following day I felt like shit again! No surprise there! I woke up about 8 ish and went and had breakfast. I was sat there drinking black 'te' praying it would sort me out when a man came over and said my name.... 'Oh fuck, who are you, why are you saying my name, what have I done'. He explains he works at the hostel and that I hadn't done my second activity. With each night staying at the hostel you get an activity. I had Pisco and wine tasting left to do. Oh dear god! This might be the end of me. They had booked me on for the afternoon trip. I was dreading this!

Clare and Fearne were also going to Paracas today, the same as me for the poor man's galapagos island trip. They asked what hostel I was staying at in and booked the same one, potentially the same dorm as well. They headed off in the morning but my bus wasn't until 6pm. They were really sweet and said they'd wait for me to get there so we can all go to dinner. We said our goodbyes for now and they headed off.

I went to the reception for midday to go on the wine tour, there were 6 of us 2 couples, me and another solo female. We went in 2 cars, we saw how they made it then tried a few wines and Piscos. It was over pretty quickly. We got back into the car and headed to another place, I didn't realise we were going to 2 places. The second was very strange, it had mummys in it, seal skulls, random pictures of possessed jesus, it was so weird!



(Just some seal skulls resting on the Pisco wine haha)



Our guide was filling up our glasses to the top with all the different wines and Piscos, he would refill with the same ones as well, we were all having a laugh and all got pretty pissed. The tour guide of another group that were there were only getting a tiny sip ha!

We headed back to the hostal, we decided to go for lunch together - all apart from the other solo girl. It was really good fun. Helen and Tom were from England and Marshal and Danielle were from Australia. We really did put the world to rights at this lunch, we chatted about sooooo much - technology, politics, education, nhs and the equivalent in Aussie and Canada (Marshal and Danielle live in Canada at the moment)-in Canada you have to pay a lot of money for an ambulance so loads of people don't use them, despite needing them. So weird! We ended up getting quite pissed as well, it was really nice and awesome.

I had to leg it to get my bus at 6, grabbed a beer on route to have on the bus. I don't remember too much of the bus journey! But I got to Paracas just fine!

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