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Ecuador, Montanita -> Guiyquill -> Mexico baby!

So I jumped on the bus, met a girl with around my age with a tiny wee baby, she looked American. When I first spotted her she was having a very emotional goodbye with a bloke, I made the assumption he was father of little baby or boyfiend, either way it was very emotional. I asked if she was ok, she didn't want to talk and just nodded. I then asked her if she was going to Guiyquill,  she was. I just kept an eye out for when she got off.

On the bus journey I wrote some blog and then went through some photos, and came across some of Gramps. I got quite teary. The rest of the journey I just reflected on memories with Gramps and Teresa and listened to some tunes. It was weird how emotions can pop out of nowhere. Just pop up, no warning. A few hours later I noticed the girl getting off the bus, she waited for me and showed me where the taxi rank was.

I jump into a cab to the hostal, it was 10pm. I hadn't eaten since breakfast but I didn't fancy leaving the hostal on my own at this time in Guiyaquil, plus I'd gone passed the hungry stage, I think the hostal was in the arse end of nowhere. I ordered my taxi for 3am the following morning and saw a fridge of beers, sat in in a hammock and just chilled. Still felt a bit emotional and didn't fancy chatting to anyone.

I fell asleep about 12 and woke up in a panic at 3am, as I was scrambling around trying not to wake anyone up, the guy from reception came in and said taxi was there. I was in a complete daze. At least I hadn't slept in like last time.

I was feeling a little anxious, very excited, nervous all sorts of emotions about getting to Mexico, for all different reasons, people back home - mainly the rising sun old boys and a few others said I was an idiot for going there, I ignored them but after Ecuador I did feel a bit anxious, but I was also excited to get out of Ecuador. Travellers I had met said Mexico was amazing but to get out of Cancun. I didn't have a book on Mexico and had done no research, that was exciting. Apparently Cancun is just strip of holiday resorts where people relax. Sounded boring as fuck to me, but thought maybe a good meeting point for Tommy and I. I also had no idea what sort of thing Tommy wanted to do. He just told me he didn't mind and to sort somewhere - pressure was on haha. I was also getting jittery and nervous about meeting Tommy, like a  school girl going on her first date with a guy.

So get to the airport, get through security fine but then some men with florescent jackets asked me to step aside. Asked me loads of questions, one lad was about my age saying I was fine, this older dude wanted to take me somewhere else. I was bricking it. "Fucking dreadlocks" I thought! It was fine but I felt a bit shaken up.

I sat at the airport in Ecuador with a very sore tummy I just decided to book a bed in a dorm for 2 nights and hopefully get some advice once I'm there. Maybe even stay in the hostal for Tommy's first night in a private room, play it by ear I thought. There weren't many hostals about but this one looked good, all about making friends, having fun, breakfast and dinner included plus a tequila shot at dinner, swimming pool. Awesome for the last 2 nights before the Boi turns up, and maybe somewhere for when he comes.

So I jumped on the plane to Mexico......Tequila here we come babyyy! I fucking hate tequila haha! Ever since one of the uni lads and I lined up 12 each and did them, ugh the thought makes my tummy go!

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Ecuador ☆♡BLUE FOOTED BOOBIES ♡☆Puerto Lopez

sunny 29 °C

After 5 hours on the bus we get to Puerto Lopez, I jump into a "motor taxi" basically what you would call a tuktuk in thailand. It cost me $1 to get to the hostel, I felt guilty it was so cheap, so gave him a bit more.




I hadn't booked because the place I wanted to stay at said no availability,  I didn't believe them so just rocked up hoping for the best. They did have a bed in a dorm wooooo. They passed me a towel ("Yes!!!!", I thought "I don't have to use my travel towel, woooo") and took me up and I had a bloody double bed! It wasn't a bunk bed, whattttt?! Amazing!!!















The hostal was gorgeous! Just perfect!
It was a tiny little seaside, fishing town, it seemed really nice.


I ended up meeting a girl called Holly who has same colour hair as me (first girl I'd met with this hair, also not natural) and is the same age, she's also British. We ended up having a couple beers together then she asked if I wanted to go meet a local guy for a drink, I was reluctant because it sounded like a date, she said she wasn't interested and would like it if I came, so I did...

Well that was the beginning of the end. We get to this reataurant, this dude was still working so we had a beer and waited. Then we headed across the road to the beach. He picked up some beers from the restaurant and went and got a few mates. I soon realised the fact that Holly cannot handle her drink, AT ALL. We all sat sharing a couple beers and some sugar cane drink (local spirit) and had a bit of a schmoke. She went mental, she took her trousers off and then ran into the sea, came back Iover so I gave her her trousers back and then she ran back into the sea whilst holding her trousers. Lol wtf?! I was getting concerned about her, she really couldnt handle her drink. A local guy tried to get me to go in the sea, no chance. It wasn't going to happen. It was really cold and I was enjoying Being dry and just chilling. This dude was really pushing me and didn't understand no. I was noticing a trend in Ecuadorian guys. He did make me 2 rings though, I do like them.


A couple lads that were in our dorm showed up and sat with us, they were concerned about Holly also. We tried to get Holly to go back to the hostal because she was soaked and hammered but she didn't want to. She wanted to go back to this dudes place. I was getting really pissed off. I couldn't just leave her but I didn't want to get into an uncomfortable situation. Holly started having ago at the guys from our dorm, being really rude to them, asking why they wanted her to go back to the hostal. I tried to explain that they were trying to look after her, then she shouted at me. She kept just having ago at people. I just wondered what the fuck I had got myself into.

I said to the lads from the dorm that I would go with her because I didn't trust the other guys. As soon as we got to the apartment she passed out, I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I told her I was going to count to 3 and if she didn't get up I was going to leave. She got up and went out the door then she twisted her ankle. I thought she had broken it at first with all the fuss she made. So one of the dudes carried her back up 3 flights of stairs. Argh fuck sake!! I still felt like I couldn't leave her in the state she was in, particularly with a potential broken ankle! So I went back up with her and she just passed out again. I had some more drinks but really wasnt feeling it. After an hour or so I was so tired I just wanted to go back to the hostal. I couldn't wake her up so sat on some steps in the apartment and ended up falling asleep. Bloody woke up at 930 in the morning to one guy with hid hand down my top trying to have a grope, asked him what he thought he was doing, freaked out, stood up in a daze, and looked for Holly, she had bloody left me. I was so angry. So I ran back to the hostal and had had a huge go at her. I opened the dorm room, all 5 people were in there, some sleeping, but I didn't even think abut that because I was so freaked out and angry. I had such ago at her. The only reason we were there, in that situation was because of her and I wouldn't leave her and she bloody left me without a care. I was fuming! I told her she was going to end up getting raped if she carried on acting like that. Complete idiot. She said "I find I'm more aware of my surroundings when I'm away", I explained she had no idea about her surroundings and was totally out of it. When I look back I still get really angry. At first she didn't say much and I took it as she wasn't that apologetic, looking back I think I embarrassed her by having ago infront of everyone.

The other reason I was annoyed was because I was meant to be getting picked up at 9.30am for my trip to the boobies but obviously missed that!

In all honesty I really wasn't sure about Holly after all that. We both had previously spoken about how we wanted to walk to the end of the beach which was about 2 miles, to see some rescued turtles, in a turtle sanctuary. I wasnt sure about going with her because I was still annoyed but figured I just need to put it in the passed and stop going on about it. I was pleased we went together. She was really apologetic on the walk and did actually feel really bad. She explained how she shouldn't smoke when she drinks because it sends her loopy. If she knew that then I don't know why she would do it in south america, especially as a female solo traveller and especially when we were in the situation that we were in - hey that's just me, I told her this and said I wouldn't be put in that situation again.

Anyways, so we came across interesting fish on our walk along the beach..


The beach was sooooooo quiet, hardly anyone on it at all. If you just wanted a beach to come to and relax and not see many people then this would be perfect.



Knowing I was seeing Tommy in a matter of days I didn't want to worry him or anyone, didn't want to say on phone/txt or blog, so decided to not to post this blog until I was with Tommy.

I ended up spending the next few days with Holly, first night she drank nothing, thank fuck I thought! It was just a chilled night, we went for some food, it was really tastey. Being with Holly made me realise my tummy had shrank and I didn't need much food to be full up, this made me happy haha! She had decided to do the whale watching and go to the island to see the blue footed boobies with me the following day. I had a couple mojitos and she had a couple teas then we went to bed.

We wake up bright and early the following day, go down for breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast of course). Then a German girl came and sat with me, she was also in my dorm, then Holly followed. Th German girl (again I can't remember her name) was also doing the tour. We all got ready and went together.

So, we all get picked up a meet the rest of the people doing the tour, about 15 of us. Get on our boat, I was so excited to get on a boat again. Then we were told it's an hour and a half on the boat to the island and of we were to see whales we would stop on the way, if not we would hope to see them on the way back. I was so excited for the boat trip, Holly and the German were moaning at the length, for me the longer the better. Maybe I'm strange but I fucking love being on at boat, especially when it's choppy.


On we get, then a bloke says he needs 3 people on the back of the boat, on top of the 2 engines, they didn't look like proper seats and it looked fairly easy to fall off the back because there was no where to lean ur back on. I instantly ran to the back and jumped on, then a couple did the same. Awesome I was back, right hand corner and the rest of the people were inside the boat facing each other, not even facing forward. Sweet deal I thought. I get told my corner is the sick corner, it anyone gets sick then they come to my corner, because of the wind.  Everyone looked at my face and cracked up. Haha. Joyous! Luckily that didn't happen.

So we are going for about an hour, my bum had gone numb from the engines, it was quite entertaining at first, the water was really calm, everyone was pretty relaxed, I had my feet up leaned back a little, we were all anxiously and alertively looking for whales. Slowly loosing hope, then BOOM!! Never seen anything quite like it, fucking whales, like, right there!!! Ah man it really was incredible. We saw 2, then they disappeared. Waited for ages but nope didn't come back. Then we started moving again, we thought that was our lot, ohhhhhh noooooo!! We then saw a family. They were jumping and everything. It was so incredible, so much better than any of us thought it would be. Obviously we were only allowed to get so close to them, but they were still really close. Like, right there! We were only allowed to stay max 25 minutes around them, sos not to disturb them too much, if there's and young whale, only 15 minutes. Ah man it was so amazing! Never thought I'd ever see wild whales just hanging in their own environment. Pretty sure David Attinborough wished he was sat next to me. The group consisted of people mainly between 25-30 But we also had an older couple with us, late 60s I'd say, everyone was blown away by the whales. (I only have photos of the whales on my camera they will come when I'm home.)

So we head to the island were going to and the boat virtually comes to a stop, they say to look down and look for turtles, after about 5 minutes there are huge turtles around us, they are soooo lovely. The engine stayed off, i assume because of the turtles and the captain and Co captain use bits of wood to push to the bed of sea and get us a bit more towards the shore. We all jumped out and into the sea to get to shore...this is something I've always wanted to do, it's something I thought only happened in films, I jumped out and said how i felt like I was in a film like The Beach or something like that. They just laughed at me like I was a bit strange. Meh, suppose I am.

So we split into groups of 2 and start our tour around the island. Fucking blue footed boobies were everywhere. Ah man, I was so happy. I was definitely the most excited out of everyone, I got a shit ton of photos, 60 on my phone and about 200 on my camera. They were amazing and I learnt so so much about them. Their feet were really fucking blue, all different shades of blue. The women want with the men with the brighter blue feet.






We even saw a little chick that was only 12 days old, ah man it was so cute, trying to fly and alsorts.  His/her feet were still white.

It was trying so hard to fly, it was sooooooo cute!


The chick's stay there for 3 months and then they pretty much fly over the ocean for 3 years, barely landing. This is when their feet go blue. They can dive into the water up to 25 meters deep, mental!!

The way they build their nest is by using their own excrement, a circle of their own excrement. With some sticks and stuff in as well, bit not many, mainly just on the ground inside the circle, this is so other birds know not to go near them. They just set their nests up in middle of pathways on the geound, really funny.

So the way they survive with only drinking salt water is because they have little things where they can separate the salt from the water, they just get rid of this through spitting or shitting. That's why all the cliff edges are white. Pretty incredible aye?!

The way the man woos the lady is by opening up his wings, it means he's up for it. The ladies fly around and look at the feet to choose which man they want. Then the man walk with a big strut, seeing them walk was so funny, the picked up their legs so high infront of them. This walk is sure to get the ladies!

They live for a out 17 years and wingspan is 5ft!

There are so many ways to tell the difference between the male and female boobies.

1- from the sound they make. The males have a soft whistle and the females have a honky sound, bit like a duck.

2- the eyes - the females have huge pupils.

3- the way they sit. When they are sat together the male is laid down with his head cuddled between his wings and the lady is standing up. Haha!


We also saw some other awesome birds, they were really cool too. I can't remember the names of them though.

So time to go do snorkeling we were told, back on the boat, sandwiches and banana cake passed to us. Then we see sea lions, the tour guide said he hasn't seen sea lions around these parts in about 18 years and he's not sure how safe it is to swim with them. Then someone was asking what these little little glowy fish were, apparently little jelly fish. He really wasn't selling the snorkeling to anyone. No one decided to go in. Ha!

So we headed back, I sat in the same place because I thought it was awesome. Sat back and relaxed like before then us 3 at the back nearly went flying off the back of the boat,  we all held onto each other to keep us on and realised it wasn't going to be the relaxing boat trip like it was on the way there. Haha, 10 minutes in and I was absolutely drenched. It was so funny. Everyone else was dry apart from me. Even the bloke next to me was dry, it was as if there was a wall between us, it was so funny. The water was wild, we were going against the tide and it was honestly just mental. Everyone cracked up with how wet I got and eventually asked if I was "actually ok" (that's how they put it) - I was loving it, every wave and splash, hells yeah! The higher the wave the better! I think because we were at th back we felt it more, we were all shouting and laughing, everyone else was pretty quiet. Then Holly was sat somewhere where she got a bit dripped on and was screaming and moaning, people asked her if she wanted to swap with me haha. She really didn't like boats. By the end of it I got off the boat and was literally dripping, it was so funny. I could have done that all day.

After the trip Holly, the German girl, another girl (wow really can't remember anyones names lol) and I went back to our hostal and had a drink. I went up and Showered first. It was nice and relaxed. The other girl was explaining how Guiyquill was the most dangerous Cort in Ecuador, ha! That explained why I felt so unsafe there!!

(Nameless German girl)

Ended up just going for a few drinks and dinner, nothing mad. Holly was there so I suggested a bar next to the hostel, it was a winner. One flashing light. Cheap drinks. Job done!



The next day Holly and I decided to get on a bus to head to Montanita....

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Ecuador.... Guayaquil - don't bother going!

sunny 25 °C

So on the plane I sit next to elbows megee. She did my head in. I was tired and hungover and not in the mood to be elbowed. I smiled and laughed along, through gritted teeth. She then asked me if there's wifi on the aeroplane.  What a doosh. Thank god it was only a couple hours flight. 

We landed, I got my luggage, went through passport control, got another stamp then off I went. I was preparing for for the taxi men to start shouting, it didn't happen. There were loads of people dressed up, they all broke into a song and dance. It was the weirdest thing to experience. Then they started waving and kissing the people infront of me. I couldn't tell if they were celebraties, royalty or whether they just did that to everyone. "Should I be waving? " I thought, "is it what everyone does?" I looked around me for a fellow traveller to see what they were doing, nope only me with a backpack and the group of people infront of me. It went on for so long, I just got the giggles and wondered where the fuck I had come to and thought if everyone / everywhere is like this then awesome! I started waving but no one ran up and kissed me like they did with the people in front. What a weird experience!

I didn't have a hostel booked because that was what I was meant to do the night before. I just quickly pick one and get into a cab and hope for the best. It's quiet season so it should be fine. Cabs were all at at set price of €5, that was good, taxi drivers cant rip you off. It was strange, now working in dollars, I missed the soles.

As we drive through Guiyquill I didn't get a great feeling from it. I was desperately missing Peru. I get to the hostal and from the outside it looks rough as fuck. Just a black door with iron gate attached to it. You had to buzz to get in, even the buzzer had an iron box around it. I got a bed in a dorm, inside it was fine, clean. Very clinical looking though. I was in a dorm with 7 blokes and it was fucking horrible. I thought it would be really good fun but they were all rude only 1 guy chatted to me, the rest didn't even make eye contact. They were just doing all sorts of drugs then sitting on their bed in compete silence, not even having fun. It created a really strange and shit atmosphere. 

So thought I'd go for a walk. I wondered along the coast, my hostel was only 2 blocks from the seafront, so I just walked along for ages. It wasn't that nice, it was ok but wouldn't recommend anyone went out their way to visit. Maybe just avoid Guayaquil haha. I got to a market area, really fucking weird. People selling anything and everything, a hut selling celotape, just celotape. All different sizes. What?! You could literally buy anything. A guy standing on the corner with about 15 fridges lol! So random!!

I turned around and walked back, decided to have a beer and watch the world go by also decide where I'm going to going next. I need out of this place. I found a place I could see blue footed boobies so decided I would go there. I just needed to work out how to get there. Went back to the hostel hoping the guys were out. Nope just each sat on their beds not talking.

I spoke to receptionist and worked out how i would get to Puerto Lopez - the coast where you could get a boat to see the boobies. Phew, thank fuck I had sorted that.

I chilled out for a few hours and thought I'd go grab some dinner and have a few beers. The hostel lady recommended a restaurant to me, I went there. It was only 2 roads away, they were 2 long roads, they were far too quiet for my liking. I did not feel safe one bit. Got to the restaurant, it was tiny and not a touristy at all which I was quite happy about. Food was really good, I had ceviche, nom!


I decided to only have 1 beer after dinner, didn't fancy being drunk around these areas. I was sat quietly writing my blog and 2 blokes around 50 odd pulled up in their car, got out and asked if they could sit on my table. There were no other free tables, of course I said yes. Then they pulled a bottle of some sort of spirit and started drinking it. They didn't even buy food or a drink From the restaurant. Then they wouldn't leave me alone it was really annoying, one was ok but the other was very shouty. I tried to be polite but they didnt get the hint. One was insistent I took his number because his Father lived in England or the golapogos island, I couldn't understand him haha. I politely declined the offer but he kept shouting at me to take it. I downed my beer and left. It was such a sketchy walk home. There was a drunk man infront of me and that was it. So I kept my distance and virtually tiptoed back. I didn't want him to spot me. It was horrible. I really really dislike Guiyquill. Got back to the hostel and the guys were in the same spot. Rock n roll.

The next day I got a cab to the bus terminal, it was so overwhelming when I got there. It was so big and allllll Ecuadorian people, which made me wonder how easy this was going to be. I don't know why but I really fancied getting on a rikity old bus. Peru hop was so touristy, I wanted to travel like the locals. After about 20 minutes of walking around I finally found the place I needed to buy my bus ticket from, it was hard enough finding the ticket place let alone the terminal. Nothing was marked out or very clear at all. Another Ecuadorian guy walked me there, thank fuck. It really wasn't clear at all.

The bus was amazing, it was a rikity old bus and it had windows that opened really wide. Yesssss! I was really happy! The journey itself was really good fun. Never been on a bus like it. You have the bus driver and a 'co-captain' that gets everyone to come on the bus, he sits by the door, with the door wide open and shouting at people "Puerto Lopez", trying to get them to get on the bus.


Sometimes the bus would slow down (yes not stop) and he would jump off, manically run around shouting. One time the bus slowed and 3 blokes with buckets jumped on. Selling all sorts of things drinks, snacks, dvds. The bus would keep going, they would go up and down the bus asking if we wanted anything then the bus would slow down and they would jump off. It so strange! Such a good idea I thought. This happened throughout the trip. I found myself just laughing. Looked over to the only other tourists on the bus but they weren't phased by these strange antics.

The tourists I talk about were a American couple in their late 50s/early 60s and were in the 2 seats next to me, obviously the aisle was inbetween us. I got chatting to the bloke, he gave me recommendations of where to go in Ecuador, he asked how it had been traveling in South America as a female solo traveller, I explained I'd had no bother. They were a really nice couple.

Next I notice the Co captain of the bus starring at me in the mirror, winking and smiling with his toothless smile. I smiled and quickly looked away, he came over and moved my bag onto my lap and sat next to me then started putting arms around me, I laughed and politely pushed him away. I could feel the American couple starring and ready to jump in at any minute. He kept talking to me but I don't understand a thing he was saying. I explained to him in Spanish that I didn't understand and that I spoke English but that made no difference, he kept repeating himself, he was asking some sort of question. I figured it was best to just repeatedly say "No". He eventually moved haha. The American guy put his bag on top of mine in order to create more of of a barrier next time. It was really kind of him. I felt safe with them there.

After 5 hours on the bus we get to Puerto Lopez! Safe and sound!

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Montanita for most people party town, for me yoga town!

sunny 29 °C

So Holly and I check out of the hostal and head to the bus station on a motor taxi.


We jump on a bus to Montanita, it's a few hours long and it was mentally busy. People on each others laps, standing.

We got there and Montanita was bussaling, lots of market stalls, street food stalls, it was busy but not in a frustrating way. I imagine at high season it would be horrible, probably worse than kosan road in thailand.


We knew where we wanted to stay, so we asked directions and headed there. It was nearly middayy and really fucking hot. We had to walk the whole length of the beach to get to this hostal. It felt like forever but realistically it was probably only about 20 minutes. Walking on the sand in 31 degrees and a huge backpack, it was a good work out!

We get to the hostal and I ask if they have 2 dorm beds available, they did! Then I ask for a beer. It was 11.40, that was good enough for me! I really liked the hostal, it had a bloody gorgeous feel to it. Everyone was chilled, friendly and just enjoying themselves.



We had a beer and chatted to Jackson who was really chilled and nice. Surfer dude from canada. He then showed us our dorm, we chucked our stuff down and then went and had a wonder and chilled on the beach.








At 5.30 we had booked yin yoga, which is a medatative yoga. It was really nice. In the evening there was movie night at the hostal. Before they put Rambo on we headed to town for some grub and a drink. Back to hostal to chill.


The following day we had an amazing breakfast melon and quinoa porridge and I had a cup of tea...amazing!


We then did yang yoga which was the hardest sort of yoga I have done before. A lot harder than bikram. It was so nice chilling and doing yoga with the sound of the sea in the background.

Holly and I went and had a fair few cocktails before I had to get on a bus back to Guiyquill. I got 2 dreadlocks and she got one. I got the sub and moon in my hair haha.


Tommy has warned me he's going to "cut that hippy shit out of your (my) hair" I love them though. I wanted to get a full head of dreads but thought it's prob best not to with Kate and Nicks wedding haha. I can just see Kates face now if I turned up with full dreaders.

After this Holly and I said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I jumped on the bus to head back to Guiyquill and she stayed put in Montanita for a few days. I wanted to stay there but couldnt because I had my flight to Mexico 5am the following morning.

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Paracas - poor man's galapagos, then back to Lima!

I got to Paracas and dropped, on the bus I fell asleep with beer in hand, but I also made friends which I don't remember! I think it's a good thing I'm out of Huacachina. I needed a break from partying in the south American way which they do well in Huacachina.

I get to the hostal, Kokopelli. It was fine, a bit clinical and modern but it was nice and clean. I met Clare and Fearne, we were in the same dorm which was cool. We headed out for dinner then went straight home to bed!

The next morning I had to be up early ready for my poor man's galapagos island trip. Got up went to the port and got on a boat.


It was awesome. Saw some lines on the cliffs, similar to the Nazca lines but different, a lot deeper and wider.


Saw loads of cool birds and animals, penguins were so cute, felt like my penguin / Ickle munchkin / Jess should be there!


Saw some sea lions, Mumma and Bridge would have loved them!



Overall it was a great trip!!

I then headed back to the hostal, checked out, decided to upload photos from my camera, it didn't really happen! I just chilled all day, it was really nice. My bus was coming at 8pm. Decided to get a some beers for the bus, right choice!

I got picked up and there were only 4 of us on the bus, a couple I had seen throughout my trip, the tour guide and me. The tour guide and I ended up chatting and sharing the beers I got. Off to Lima we went!

We go to Lima about 11ish, I had to be up at 6 to get to the airport. I ended up chucking my bag at the hostal and going for a "quick drink" with Juan Diego (tour guide), got back to the hostal at 5am. Idiot! Fell asleep and woke up really late, it was touch and go whether I would make my flight ha! It was a really good night though, there was still so much I wanted to learn a bit Peruvian people, Inka, Nazca lines (Juan Diego believes it was aliens, his theory was interestimg! I'm not convinced so much but wouldn't say it wasn't aliens!). So chatted until we got thrown out. Totally different culture, I loved learing about it and meeting local Peruvian people to really understand it.

Juan Diego and I.

We then left and came across salsa music, I wouldnt dance for ages because of how shit I was before, but I briefly tried it again and was a lot better than before. I'm falling in love with salsa, it's really good fun. Never done any dance before, got thrown out of ballet when I was a wee kid so mum and dad took me to Karate where James and I got thrown out for actually doing the moves on each other rather than practicing them. So learning the foot work of salsa was really good fun! I'm hoping I can convince Tommy to take it up, I don't think that's going to happen somehow! Anyways after this we went and sat in the weird cat park that i spoke about when i first arrived in Lima. Chatted some more and finished our beers and got molested by cats.


Then back to the hostal I went, Juan Diego was trying to get me to stay out longer, no chance, I was only going to get an hours sleep as it was ! I was kicking myself, I told Juan Diego just a quick drink! I don't do a quick drink, never have, never will!

So yeah, next I got woken up by the guys in the hostal and told I was half hour late for my taxi....SHITTTTTTT!!!!! why did I not just go straight to the hostal I thought?! I spoke to Tommy and he said he did that every time he traveled as well! Haha! It was really good fun though, don't regret it one bit! I love meeting the local people.

All was fine and I just got my flight!

The build up to leaving Peru was horrible, I really didn't want to go. I just wanted to go back to Cusco. I thought about ways I could do this, it just wasn't possible. The actual leaving Peru was a lot easier because I was so late and hanging out my arse. Ha!

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