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Paracas - poor man's galapagos, then back to Lima!

I got to Paracas and dropped, on the bus I fell asleep with beer in hand, but I also made friends which I don't remember! I think it's a good thing I'm out of Huacachina. I needed a break from partying in the south American way which they do well in Huacachina.

I get to the hostal, Kokopelli. It was fine, a bit clinical and modern but it was nice and clean. I met Clare and Fearne, we were in the same dorm which was cool. We headed out for dinner then went straight home to bed!

The next morning I had to be up early ready for my poor man's galapagos island trip. Got up went to the port and got on a boat.


It was awesome. Saw some lines on the cliffs, similar to the Nazca lines but different, a lot deeper and wider.


Saw loads of cool birds and animals, penguins were so cute, felt like my penguin / Ickle munchkin / Jess should be there!


Saw some sea lions, Mumma and Bridge would have loved them!



Overall it was a great trip!!

I then headed back to the hostal, checked out, decided to upload photos from my camera, it didn't really happen! I just chilled all day, it was really nice. My bus was coming at 8pm. Decided to get a some beers for the bus, right choice!

I got picked up and there were only 4 of us on the bus, a couple I had seen throughout my trip, the tour guide and me. The tour guide and I ended up chatting and sharing the beers I got. Off to Lima we went!

We go to Lima about 11ish, I had to be up at 6 to get to the airport. I ended up chucking my bag at the hostal and going for a "quick drink" with Juan Diego (tour guide), got back to the hostal at 5am. Idiot! Fell asleep and woke up really late, it was touch and go whether I would make my flight ha! It was a really good night though, there was still so much I wanted to learn a bit Peruvian people, Inka, Nazca lines (Juan Diego believes it was aliens, his theory was interestimg! I'm not convinced so much but wouldn't say it wasn't aliens!). So chatted until we got thrown out. Totally different culture, I loved learing about it and meeting local Peruvian people to really understand it.

Juan Diego and I.

We then left and came across salsa music, I wouldnt dance for ages because of how shit I was before, but I briefly tried it again and was a lot better than before. I'm falling in love with salsa, it's really good fun. Never done any dance before, got thrown out of ballet when I was a wee kid so mum and dad took me to Karate where James and I got thrown out for actually doing the moves on each other rather than practicing them. So learning the foot work of salsa was really good fun! I'm hoping I can convince Tommy to take it up, I don't think that's going to happen somehow! Anyways after this we went and sat in the weird cat park that i spoke about when i first arrived in Lima. Chatted some more and finished our beers and got molested by cats.


Then back to the hostal I went, Juan Diego was trying to get me to stay out longer, no chance, I was only going to get an hours sleep as it was ! I was kicking myself, I told Juan Diego just a quick drink! I don't do a quick drink, never have, never will!

So yeah, next I got woken up by the guys in the hostal and told I was half hour late for my taxi....SHITTTTTTT!!!!! why did I not just go straight to the hostal I thought?! I spoke to Tommy and he said he did that every time he traveled as well! Haha! It was really good fun though, don't regret it one bit! I love meeting the local people.

All was fine and I just got my flight!

The build up to leaving Peru was horrible, I really didn't want to go. I just wanted to go back to Cusco. I thought about ways I could do this, it just wasn't possible. The actual leaving Peru was a lot easier because I was so late and hanging out my arse. Ha!

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