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Ecuador.... Guayaquil - don't bother going!

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So on the plane I sit next to elbows megee. She did my head in. I was tired and hungover and not in the mood to be elbowed. I smiled and laughed along, through gritted teeth. She then asked me if there's wifi on the aeroplane.  What a doosh. Thank god it was only a couple hours flight. 

We landed, I got my luggage, went through passport control, got another stamp then off I went. I was preparing for for the taxi men to start shouting, it didn't happen. There were loads of people dressed up, they all broke into a song and dance. It was the weirdest thing to experience. Then they started waving and kissing the people infront of me. I couldn't tell if they were celebraties, royalty or whether they just did that to everyone. "Should I be waving? " I thought, "is it what everyone does?" I looked around me for a fellow traveller to see what they were doing, nope only me with a backpack and the group of people infront of me. It went on for so long, I just got the giggles and wondered where the fuck I had come to and thought if everyone / everywhere is like this then awesome! I started waving but no one ran up and kissed me like they did with the people in front. What a weird experience!

I didn't have a hostel booked because that was what I was meant to do the night before. I just quickly pick one and get into a cab and hope for the best. It's quiet season so it should be fine. Cabs were all at at set price of €5, that was good, taxi drivers cant rip you off. It was strange, now working in dollars, I missed the soles.

As we drive through Guiyquill I didn't get a great feeling from it. I was desperately missing Peru. I get to the hostal and from the outside it looks rough as fuck. Just a black door with iron gate attached to it. You had to buzz to get in, even the buzzer had an iron box around it. I got a bed in a dorm, inside it was fine, clean. Very clinical looking though. I was in a dorm with 7 blokes and it was fucking horrible. I thought it would be really good fun but they were all rude only 1 guy chatted to me, the rest didn't even make eye contact. They were just doing all sorts of drugs then sitting on their bed in compete silence, not even having fun. It created a really strange and shit atmosphere. 

So thought I'd go for a walk. I wondered along the coast, my hostel was only 2 blocks from the seafront, so I just walked along for ages. It wasn't that nice, it was ok but wouldn't recommend anyone went out their way to visit. Maybe just avoid Guayaquil haha. I got to a market area, really fucking weird. People selling anything and everything, a hut selling celotape, just celotape. All different sizes. What?! You could literally buy anything. A guy standing on the corner with about 15 fridges lol! So random!!

I turned around and walked back, decided to have a beer and watch the world go by also decide where I'm going to going next. I need out of this place. I found a place I could see blue footed boobies so decided I would go there. I just needed to work out how to get there. Went back to the hostel hoping the guys were out. Nope just each sat on their beds not talking.

I spoke to receptionist and worked out how i would get to Puerto Lopez - the coast where you could get a boat to see the boobies. Phew, thank fuck I had sorted that.

I chilled out for a few hours and thought I'd go grab some dinner and have a few beers. The hostel lady recommended a restaurant to me, I went there. It was only 2 roads away, they were 2 long roads, they were far too quiet for my liking. I did not feel safe one bit. Got to the restaurant, it was tiny and not a touristy at all which I was quite happy about. Food was really good, I had ceviche, nom!


I decided to only have 1 beer after dinner, didn't fancy being drunk around these areas. I was sat quietly writing my blog and 2 blokes around 50 odd pulled up in their car, got out and asked if they could sit on my table. There were no other free tables, of course I said yes. Then they pulled a bottle of some sort of spirit and started drinking it. They didn't even buy food or a drink From the restaurant. Then they wouldn't leave me alone it was really annoying, one was ok but the other was very shouty. I tried to be polite but they didnt get the hint. One was insistent I took his number because his Father lived in England or the golapogos island, I couldn't understand him haha. I politely declined the offer but he kept shouting at me to take it. I downed my beer and left. It was such a sketchy walk home. There was a drunk man infront of me and that was it. So I kept my distance and virtually tiptoed back. I didn't want him to spot me. It was horrible. I really really dislike Guiyquill. Got back to the hostel and the guys were in the same spot. Rock n roll.

The next day I got a cab to the bus terminal, it was so overwhelming when I got there. It was so big and allllll Ecuadorian people, which made me wonder how easy this was going to be. I don't know why but I really fancied getting on a rikity old bus. Peru hop was so touristy, I wanted to travel like the locals. After about 20 minutes of walking around I finally found the place I needed to buy my bus ticket from, it was hard enough finding the ticket place let alone the terminal. Nothing was marked out or very clear at all. Another Ecuadorian guy walked me there, thank fuck. It really wasn't clear at all.

The bus was amazing, it was a rikity old bus and it had windows that opened really wide. Yesssss! I was really happy! The journey itself was really good fun. Never been on a bus like it. You have the bus driver and a 'co-captain' that gets everyone to come on the bus, he sits by the door, with the door wide open and shouting at people "Puerto Lopez", trying to get them to get on the bus.


Sometimes the bus would slow down (yes not stop) and he would jump off, manically run around shouting. One time the bus slowed and 3 blokes with buckets jumped on. Selling all sorts of things drinks, snacks, dvds. The bus would keep going, they would go up and down the bus asking if we wanted anything then the bus would slow down and they would jump off. It so strange! Such a good idea I thought. This happened throughout the trip. I found myself just laughing. Looked over to the only other tourists on the bus but they weren't phased by these strange antics.

The tourists I talk about were a American couple in their late 50s/early 60s and were in the 2 seats next to me, obviously the aisle was inbetween us. I got chatting to the bloke, he gave me recommendations of where to go in Ecuador, he asked how it had been traveling in South America as a female solo traveller, I explained I'd had no bother. They were a really nice couple.

Next I notice the Co captain of the bus starring at me in the mirror, winking and smiling with his toothless smile. I smiled and quickly looked away, he came over and moved my bag onto my lap and sat next to me then started putting arms around me, I laughed and politely pushed him away. I could feel the American couple starring and ready to jump in at any minute. He kept talking to me but I don't understand a thing he was saying. I explained to him in Spanish that I didn't understand and that I spoke English but that made no difference, he kept repeating himself, he was asking some sort of question. I figured it was best to just repeatedly say "No". He eventually moved haha. The American guy put his bag on top of mine in order to create more of of a barrier next time. It was really kind of him. I felt safe with them there.

After 5 hours on the bus we get to Puerto Lopez! Safe and sound!

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