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Ecuador, Montanita -> Guiyquill -> Mexico baby!

So I jumped on the bus, met a girl with around my age with a tiny wee baby, she looked American. When I first spotted her she was having a very emotional goodbye with a bloke, I made the assumption he was father of little baby or boyfiend, either way it was very emotional. I asked if she was ok, she didn't want to talk and just nodded. I then asked her if she was going to Guiyquill,  she was. I just kept an eye out for when she got off.

On the bus journey I wrote some blog and then went through some photos, and came across some of Gramps. I got quite teary. The rest of the journey I just reflected on memories with Gramps and Teresa and listened to some tunes. It was weird how emotions can pop out of nowhere. Just pop up, no warning. A few hours later I noticed the girl getting off the bus, she waited for me and showed me where the taxi rank was.

I jump into a cab to the hostal, it was 10pm. I hadn't eaten since breakfast but I didn't fancy leaving the hostal on my own at this time in Guiyaquil, plus I'd gone passed the hungry stage, I think the hostal was in the arse end of nowhere. I ordered my taxi for 3am the following morning and saw a fridge of beers, sat in in a hammock and just chilled. Still felt a bit emotional and didn't fancy chatting to anyone.

I fell asleep about 12 and woke up in a panic at 3am, as I was scrambling around trying not to wake anyone up, the guy from reception came in and said taxi was there. I was in a complete daze. At least I hadn't slept in like last time.

I was feeling a little anxious, very excited, nervous all sorts of emotions about getting to Mexico, for all different reasons, people back home - mainly the rising sun old boys and a few others said I was an idiot for going there, I ignored them but after Ecuador I did feel a bit anxious, but I was also excited to get out of Ecuador. Travellers I had met said Mexico was amazing but to get out of Cancun. I didn't have a book on Mexico and had done no research, that was exciting. Apparently Cancun is just strip of holiday resorts where people relax. Sounded boring as fuck to me, but thought maybe a good meeting point for Tommy and I. I also had no idea what sort of thing Tommy wanted to do. He just told me he didn't mind and to sort somewhere - pressure was on haha. I was also getting jittery and nervous about meeting Tommy, like a  school girl going on her first date with a guy.

So get to the airport, get through security fine but then some men with florescent jackets asked me to step aside. Asked me loads of questions, one lad was about my age saying I was fine, this older dude wanted to take me somewhere else. I was bricking it. "Fucking dreadlocks" I thought! It was fine but I felt a bit shaken up.

I sat at the airport in Ecuador with a very sore tummy I just decided to book a bed in a dorm for 2 nights and hopefully get some advice once I'm there. Maybe even stay in the hostal for Tommy's first night in a private room, play it by ear I thought. There weren't many hostals about but this one looked good, all about making friends, having fun, breakfast and dinner included plus a tequila shot at dinner, swimming pool. Awesome for the last 2 nights before the Boi turns up, and maybe somewhere for when he comes.

So I jumped on the plane to Mexico......Tequila here we come babyyy! I fucking hate tequila haha! Ever since one of the uni lads and I lined up 12 each and did them, ugh the thought makes my tummy go!

Posted by gemvinny 07:13

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